First Home Buyers House & Land Packages


When you buy one of our properties, together with the State Governments generous grant and a little help from us we will work with a lender to get you into your home today.


Because everyone’s situation is unique, we encourage all homebuyers to complete our pre-assessment form. Our team can then assess your situation to determine what options may be available to you.

Becoming A First Home Buyer is Closer Than You Can Imagine!

You Don’t Need a 5%, 10% or 20% Deposit. $10,000 Savings gets you started. Enter Your Details Below To Apply For The First Home Buyer Nano-Deposit Fast-Track. (It’s 100% FREE)

As a member of the ‘First Home Buyer Fast-Track Nano-Deposit Homeownership’ receive thousands of dollars worth of discounts, deals and expert help. FREE!

Using our expertise in property and finance, the team at Elite Wealth Creators help match Australia’s immense population of potential First Home Buyers with a home loan that meets their needs. We do not need you to be ready with a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit. 

With as little as $10,000 in savings, we can help you design your Fast-Track, moving you into your first home so you can start repaying your loan and save on unnecessary rental payments.



We’re sure you know about the First Home Owners Grant, but what you might not know is that grant if often not released until after a building contract has commenced and that not all lenders will accept the grant as a part of your deposit.

This means that many first home buyers are still left trying to save a large enough deposit in order to secure a home loan.

This is where we can help! The Elite Wealth Creators team can show you how to access the First Home Owners’ Grant early and we work with the right lender’s  who allow the funds to be used towards your deposit

New Build Specialist

To guide you through the complete process, making sure you choose the best land, home design and inclusions.

Mortgage Broker

We’re your first home buyer specialist mortgage broker. We will help you find the best loan to suit your needs and help you apply for it.

Exclusive Deals

Get access to exclusive pre-negotiated deals & discounts on home loans, house and land designs through our partners.

First Home Buyers Specialists

Helping You Boost Your Success

With our partners we’re helping first home buyers, all over Australia, buy their first homes faster and for less money than those who choose to go it alone. 

Our Service is 100% FREE!


Our Guarantee To You

We’re that confident we can help you buy and build your first home faster (and for a better deal) than you could on your own, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. 

So… if you qualify for our NANO-DEPOSIT we will help you with your DEPOSIT and get you stared owning your home saving you thousands in rental payments.

Why pay somone else’s mortgage when you have the opportunity of owning your own home.


Enter Your Details Below To Apply For The First Home Buyers Fast-Track Nano-Deposit Homeownership.

We will then be in touch to help you get started on your first home buyer journey. You too could be moving into your new home, just like Vivian & Chris.

When we first met with our clients Chris & Vivian, they told us they had big dreams of owning their First Home. They didn’t seem hopeful, as they had tried previously with no outcome

A few months later and we are very pleased to announce that they are now officially First Home Owners! The results are truly spectacular and we are very honoured to be a part of their journey.

Find out what else they had to say about their beautiful new home in our latest testimonial video below 


If at any time you require assistance completing your assessment form, we are only a call away and ready to help.+61 416 189 765

Please take your time to complete this form accurately as it will be used to calculate your estimated borrowing capacity. Incorrect information may affect your results

This is NOT an application for finance and WON’T affect your credit score.

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